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Cinema Panopticum

Title: Cinema Panopticum
Original Title: Cinema Panopticum
Author: Thomas Ott
Type: Silent/Wordless Novel
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 9781560976493
Pages: 104 pages
First Published: 2005

First of all, I want to say that this was the first Wordless Novel I ever read I ever encountered. Yes, it said wordless novel. My first thought was, if you subtract words from a novel, what would you got? An empty notebook? LOL. That was my original perception. But then I was recommended this book by a friend and I gave it a try. Surprisingly, I love it. So, if you still wondering what is a Wordless Novel, a short description will be "a narrative genre that uses sequences of captionless pictures to tell a story". Read more from wiki, here.

This book was a funny-scary-bizzare work by Thomas Ott, a name I just recently knew about, but up until now his works had given me much enjoyment. I particulary love this one, a series of stories inside a story, which could be read/watch separately - every parts are solid and properly told, or read/watch entirely as whole - and feel the ghastly excitement.

The Girl
A little girl wants to have some fun on an amusment park, but she only has 5 dimes. Everything are too expensive, except for Cinema Panopticum. A dime per cinema.

The Hotel
A customer of a hotel found his hotel was unexplainably quiet, but a feast was already ready on the table... not knowing who the chef was.

The Champion
A wrestler try to outfight death.

The Experiment
A man with poor eyes sight has been given magic pills. His eyes don't get better, but....

The Prophet
Is the end of lives on earth coming soon?

The Girl

Got goooooosebump!


After thought: why did I write this review in English?? It's wordless novel afterall.....!!


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