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Title: Noblesse
Original Title: 노블레스 Noblesse
Author:  Son Jae Ho (Story), Lee Gwang Su (Illustrator)
Publisher: Naver
ISBN Season 1 Boxset: 9788901130118 (Chapter 1-92 --- 820 pages)
ISBN Season 2 Boxset: 9788901139173 (Chapter 93-154 --- 600 pages)
Season 3 Chapter 155-199
Season 4 Chapter 200-238
Season 5 Chapter 239-258
Season 6 Chapter 259 - (?)

Current Publication: Season 6, Chapter 296 (19/09/2013)
Original Published Date: Free Weekly Webtoon from www.naver.com (2010 - now)

Noblesse (노블레스) is an online manhwa written by Son Jae Ho and illustrated by Lee Gwang Su. It is a story about a powerful Noblesse, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, who slept for 820 years and woke up one day in South Korea in an abandoned building. With the help of his faithful servant Frankenstein he enrolls in Ye Ran high school where he befriends Ikhan,Shinwoo and Yuna. The series follows the group's often dangerous adventures against a secret organization while uncovering Rai's past.

This is the first webtoon I ever read, and unexpectedly addictive. Really like the colorful graphics and how the illustration go back and forward between full color and greyish tones to set the mood of the story. I like the simple graphic lines. And I also (suprisedly!) like the simple rectangle-landscape-format panellings. The story itself was started a little slow in season 1, but then picked up pace. The endings (season 1-5) were always good and promised to have a lot of steam for the next season to come.


Season 1 (Awakening/Human World/Union)

In this first installment, we meet Cadis Etrama di Raizel - or Rai as the girls would called him-, a noblesse that found himself awaken after slumbering for 820 years. While wondering this new modern world he encounters his faithful servant, Frankenstein - now a principal in an elite private high school in Seoul - and thus befriend with some -not so- regular highschooller, Shinwoo the extraordinare jog, Ikhan the hacker, and Yoonah the pretty. In the mean time, a secret organization called The Union sent some of their men to retrieve Rai casket, not knowing what it trully been held. This organization was the same one that entagled with noblesse fate centuries ago and for a looooong time has been experimenting to make enhanced super humans. When some of these experiments broke loose and threaten human lives, Rai dan Frankenstein must stood up and protect the civilization as their noblesse oblige, eventhough that would mean to uncover their own secrets peaceful live.

Like I said before, this manhwa was reeaaaaaaly addictive since the first panel. The side stories of how Rai adjust himself to new technology (cellphone, videogame, automatic door,etc) was amusing, and that Rai and ramen stuff was really-really-really ludicrous, awkwardly-silly but funny, made me lol everytime, so were those manuals Frankenstein wrote for him. (he despreatly need manual for food other that ramen!!). But then again, the main story about him, his past and present life, and the organization was equally exciting. Above them all, the red string of all the characters here was about trust, friendship and loyalty that goes beyond indiscrimination of what you are or how strong you are, but more about who you really are (and Rai was the symbol of it) and I think this is the most advantageous point compares to the other seinen manga/manhwa out there.

btw: This season does not explain what is Noble/Noblesse aniway? Frank truly hasn't elaborated it clearly.... secretive, hasn't he?


Season 2 (Visitor/DA-5/Dr.Aris)

Second season, more nobelesse visitor came lurking at Rai and Frank and more enhanced men from the organization came after them. Again, the ending -especially for Takeo and Tao- was very nice, the same with M-21 in the previous season. The repetition of mind-erasing process to the 'innocent humans' was a little boring, at this point of the story, I wonder how many times more do they have to endure that kind process if they keep around the noblesse.


Season 3 (Nobility/Lukedonia/Static)

In this third season, Rai and Frank must go to Lukedonia and confront their past and clear Rai's name of conduct of betrayal that have been done by the Five Clan Leaders. Eventhough Frankenstein clearly said that only him would go with Ray, but of course who could stop Takeo 'n friend from infiltrating their plane. Little do they know, Frank actually plans to blew it up and jump down with his Master. Like that wasn't enough, Rai's Mansion now is considered forbad and guarded by special forces.

The plot was totally absorbing, made me hold my breath again and again. No repetitives ideas like in the previous season 2, a lot facts and backgrounds were given, the story was progressing rapidly, a bunch of interesting new characters, the fight scenes were awesome(!!!!) and of course, -like always- a very nice ending. The end speech by the late Lord, about humanity, how human became human because they are always changing, moving forward..., not static like the noblesse, was very moving. Almost made me overlooked my desire to become noblesse myself. #eeaahh
If something were lacking, that was the usual ice breaker: the witty-silly conversation and Rai's calmed ignorance face-expressions, which in this season didn't have much due to the seriousness of the story line.

Notes 1: Ooohhh... so now we knew what 'Noblesse' mean. Fascinating.
Notes 2: Wait..., if he -the peacock, that is- was human, how... who....what did.... oh whatever! He's immensely amazing anyway. *blushing* ^^V
Note 3: I read the last few chapters twice, but I still do not understand what happened when the old Lord died. Who betrayed who and why and how? Annoying cliff-hanger!!


Season 4 (KSA/Cerberus/Elders)

So Rai and all RK-5 (btw, luuuuuuuv when Rai's blushing coz Frank tell him about the RKs and what RK means) back on our known earth after dipsy-daisy on Lukedonia. While the union's problem still at lenght, another threat came from the country instead. Two KSA agent lurking at school tried to scouting potential future agents. Even if Principal Lee aka Frankenstein aka The Peacock ^_^ try his best to protect the kids, he ends up jeopardizing all of them when the agents turns out to be enhanced humans. The danger became more hazardious when 12th elder sent his personnal bodyguards -Cerberus- to investigates the death of Dr. Aris and the rest of DA-5. So began the battle between the RKs, KSA agents and, 12th elder and 13th elder....

Not bad, but compared with 3rd season, I liked #3 more. But here opens more secrets about the treachery within the noble clan leaders long time ago, the one that made Rai disappeard for 820 years.


Season 5

Whoaa... Best. Season. Yet!!!

 [spoiler eventhough through reading it my heart can't stop pounding and fear that writer-nim will have the heart to make another "Dumbledore's death moments". TG it was a happy ending - if u know what I mean.]

The story progress quite quickly, an now the enemy now have faces and open agenda to coup with. Great development with the RKs (plus bonus how Tao manipulate Rael to help them fight *ROTFL - I think Tao hang around Frankenstein too much, slyness is contageous - ROTFL* ). Love Rajak and Rael and Karias (when he call the Lord Noonim, epic response :D) Love the KSA agents Ahn and Na's characters. Love the fighting scenes. Love the ending. Do NOT love the waiting for season 6!

For all the RKs characters, I always had soft spot for M-21. I thought he was the most complex personnel, and in this season, his relationship with everybody was tested by the appareance of M-24. I felt so sorry for him and really-really-really despise Dr. Crombel for it.
I wish you the best ajusshi -- no Oppa, I'll call you Oppa. ^_^

I wonder what happened to Rai and Frankenstein long-long-long time ago. How could he be so loyal to him... well, I know -despite his ignorance face- Rai is a very good person with a verrrryy big heart and unbelieveable power, but to have someone like Frankenstein unwavered for hundreeedssss of years must had a lot more in its foundation. Hope writer-nim will elaborate more in the next season.


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