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Darke - Septimus Heap Book 6

Title: Darke
Series: Septimus Heap #6
Author: Angie Sage
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (2011)
ISBN: 978-006-20-4943-8
Pages: 642 pages
Original Published Date: 2010

After a little slowing down, having fun days on the beach on Syren, Sep and Jenna back to the town and once again facing the darke forces. Eventough there were no DomDaniel nor the ghost of Tertius Fume, there's still their no good apprentice wearing the most evil Two-Headed Ring, yes, I am talking about the Septimus-Heap-wannabe-turn-sour-and-black, Merrin Meredith. Being almost unnoticed by everyone, he's taking refuge on the palace's attic, mastering The Thing and trying to awake the darke domain, while keep influencing darke influences on Jillie Djinn of the Manuscriptorium. Not only that, he came up with a plan to use Simon Heap darke knowledge to help him releasing darke domain into the whole town. Not that Simon are happy and willing - now that he's concious enough and living a low life on port with his beloved Lucy, but darke always has his way.

Jenna did notice something wrong in her palace and try to tell Silas and Septimus, but both their minds were occupied by something else. Silas busy repairing his old house on Rambling to be ready on time for Sarah's birthday while Sep was about to face the most important test of his apprentice life, the Darke Week. It wasn't just a test, it also about getting back Arthur Mella's ghost who accidently been banished along with Tertius Fume. Her last aid was Bettle, but it was too little too late, the darke domain had over taken the palace and now making it's way to the town.

Jenna getting uncognisant help by the Port Witches Coven and Beetle decided to make his last stand on the Manuscriptorium house, while Madame Marcia defended The Wizards Tower with her full strength. Sep and Marcellus Pye then realised that the only one that can help them was Arthur Mella and the 2 pieces Darke Indexes and Darke book, so no matter what, Sep must go on his original plan entering the Darke Hall. But even with all that and Marcia's ability, no one know the beginning and the end of the Index. No one good, that is.

I reaally luuuuv this one. It has all the story twist like Magyk, interesting characters like Physik and adventurous like Queste. All of characters were at their peak performaces, even the villain, Merrin Merredith, turn reaally bad and not that crabby unimportant good for nothing kid everyone kick in the butt . I also like that trio Sep, Jen and Beetle were fighting their own battle, separately, and all taken their own responsibilities seriously. They're not children anymore... ohhh... look how they've grown up..... #sighhappily
Beside, I also like that after Sep taking up Magyk AND Physik, now Jenna embracing Queen-ish thing AND Witches also. So in other word, they both unified what had been discreet for sooooo long. Great for them!

The ending also had perfect timing and perfect solutions. Nice to see Si back to the good side again, but hard to see Snoori and Ullr set sail. Very mercyful ending for the Merrediths *bravo Marcia*. Marcellus was great and Spyt Fyre was a happy dragon at the moment. And Beetle.... oh it suited him very very well. You're deserved it, Beet. Congrats! Wonder how this Sep-Beetle brotherly-jealousy will stirred up next.

So.... the Index began with Magyk and will end with Fyre. So be it. Cannot wait to read the end! :)

* * *

I read this sequel in English because the Indonesian version usually published by Matahati Publisher, but as we all know, it closing down bussiness last year, and I did not think that Darke and Fyre would ever published in Bahasa Indonesia. But I was wrong. Turned out that Darke and Fyre were published by Mizan this year... ooouucchh...
But it has silver lining. I really enjoyed the english version for it puns and wordplays and funny rhymes. Not that the Indonesian translations were bad or anything, they were good. But still... now I know what the other reviews saying about the 'characteristic humors' and 'laugh out loud moments'. Yup. They were little lost in the translations proccess, they were... not as funny as they intended to be.

One more book to go.... I'm on Fyre!!

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