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Size 12 Is Not Fat

Title: Size 12 Is Not Fat
Series: Heather Wells Mysteries #1
Author : Meg Cabot
Publisher: Pan Publishing (2006)
ISBN: 978-033-04-4040-0
Pages: 345 pages
First published: 2005

When you peak at fifteen, where can things go but downhill?
Former teen pop sensation Heather Wells has hit rock bottom: tired of singing other people's lyrics, she hasn't exactly been bombarded with recording contracts for her own songs. Worse, Dad's in jail, Mom's bolted for Buenos Aires, and Heather can't seem to stop drowning her sorrows in Kit Kat bars. To top it all, Heather's fiance Jordan Cartwright has replaced her - on the charts as well as in his bed - with America's newest number one pop sensation, Tania Trace.
When Heather finds a job in a New York college dorm--right around the corner from her temporary digs in her gorgeous friend Cooper's attic apartment - things seem to start looking up....at least until girls in the dorm begin to perish at an alarming rate. Elevator surfing is the official explanation from university administration, but Heather has other suspicions, and - enlisting a reluctant Cooper's aid - she attempts to get to the bottom of the rash of teen deaths in the building where she works, never knowing that it isn't her supper she'll be singing for this time, but quite possibly her life.

I never read any Meg Cabot books before. Yes I saw Princess Diaries movies - Disney versions - and kinda like it (first luv of Chris Pine, of course, loooong before he was Capt. Kirk), but still never have the urge need to read the books. Not my cup of tea. Actually I never would have read this book if not for the blurb that said it was a mystery/crime fiction story, and my friend lent it to me. But I did. And it wasn't bad, at all. 

It was fun, light, interesting story and had quite thrilling ending. Love the mystery and the solving solution part. I was a little dissapointed when the rich boy confessed and spilled it all, but then... boomed... another twist came from around the corner.

About the character, sure, Heather was a big drama queen, but then again, who wouldn't be one if they had a life like her. It was part of the story, and I enjoyed it. I even had some laugh reading her crazzzyy-rambling minds. And like Cooper said in the end, she was so brave to start over again. Good for her. Of course that being said, I also loath Jordan to the max. Wish him a very very very 'pleasant' life with Tania, they both deserved each other!!! Cooper in the other hand, was quite mysterious, too real to be true, too nice to be around. Can't blame Heather for her half-wit obssesion. LOL. I wonder if that police-detective would still be there on the sequels, he had a bit good chemistry with Heather and Cooper.  

Nice reading, a cozy mystery with a stack of laugh. Don't expect too high.

Uhm, by the way... I'm size 12.

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