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RC #5 - Lucky No.15 Reading Challenge

Sempat menyangka RC ini gak bakal muncul lagi tahun ini, tapi di pertengahan bulan senang sekali melihat pengumuman kehadirannya, tentu dengan wajah baru dan tantangan baru. Masih di host oleh Mbak Astrid di blognya Book to Share, kali ini ada bukan 14, tapi 15 kategori buku yang harus dibaca. Beberapa masih mirip dengan tantangan sebelumnya, tapi ada beberapa yang benar-benar baru.

Berikut ini kategori-kategori bacaan yang di tantangkan, dan perkiraan buku yang akan kubaca:

1. Chunky Brick: Grab that book with more than 500 pages that you’d always been afraid to tackle. You know you can do it!
     * Inheritance!!!! (yes, I missed it last year, but this year I pledge myself... I.Will.READ.It

2. Something New: Just purchased a book lately? Don’t let it buried in your stacks, read it now!
     * HIVE - Overlord Protocol
     * Lockwood & Co. - Whispering Skull (plan to buy, soon)

3. Something Borrowed: Read a book that you borrowed from someone else. Don’t make the owner waiting forever for you to finish it. (Books borrowed from friends, libraries, or even rental places, are allowed)
     * Stolen Songbird (borrowed from Vina, thx Mbak Vin...)

4. It’s Been There Forever: Dig your TBR pile and read a book that has been there more than a year. It’s time for you to appreciate it :)
     * Shinju (in my shelf since 2010!)

5. Freebies Time: What’s the LAST free book you’ve got? Whether it’s from giveaway, a birthday gift or a surprise from someone special, don’t hold back any longer. Open the book and start reading it now :D
     * Gone Girl (SS 2014 event, thx my lovely Santa)

6. Bargain All The Way: Ever buying a book because it’s so cheap you don’t really care about the content? Now it’s time to open the book and find out whether it’s really worth your cents.
     * Angel’s Cake (10K on bargain books Gramedia)

7. Favorite Color: Pick a book from your shelf which has your favorite color for its cover! Is it pink, red or black? You decide.
      * (red, it's got to be bright red, so maybe....)


8. First Initial: Read a book that has been written by an author whose first initial is the same with you (Example: My name is Astrid, and I can read anything written by Agatha Christie, Aesop, Arthur Conan Doyle, etc)
     * The Mirror of Fire & Dreaming by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

9. Super Series: Read one (or more!) books that belong in a series, it can be trilogy, or tetralogy, or anything.
     * Days of Blood and Starlight (Daughter of Smoke & Bone #2)
     * Runaway King (The Ascendance Trilogy #2)

10. Opposites Attract: Read a book that’s been written by a writer whose gender is different from your own.
     * Negeri Para Bedebah by Tere Liye (for some times, I thougt Tere was a woman, shame on me, I know :))

11. Randomly Picked: Ask someone else (a friend, your spouse, even your kids!) to randomly pick a book from your TBR pile. Don’t complain whatever they choose for you, just read it :)
     * Airman (my sweet nephew pick this, I think because of the flying man on the cover)

12. Cover Lust: Grab a book from your shelf that you bought because you fell in love with the cover. Is the content as good as the cover?
     * The School of Good and Evil (an american fantasy novel but the cover was like Japanesse Manga style with a coat of arms of swans?? had to have it!)

13. Who Are You Again?: You’ve never read a book from this author, maybe you haven’t even heard his/her name before. But who knows? Maybe he/she will become your new favorite author!
     * Jeffrey Archer in A Prisoner of Birth (don't know who he was, but his writing resume was quite impresive)

14. One Word Only!: Read a book that only has one word for its title (number is allowed as long as it’s only consisted of one word, e.g: 1, 2, 11).
     * Kim

15. Dream Destination: Read a book that has setting in a place you’ve never visited before – but would like to if you have a chance. Could be real places or even fictional!
     * TBD - so many places I wanna visit

Yup, itu kira-kira buku-buku yang ingin kubaca untuk menyelesaikan tantangan ini, semuanya diambil dari timbunanku #BabatTimbunan -kecuali no.2 yang masih gress, kinyis-kinyis dari toko buku :) Untuk no. 15 masih belum kepikiran apa ya.... Wish me luck ya teman-teman.... ^^V

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