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A Conspiracy of Kings

Title: A Conspiracy of Kings
Series: The Queen's Thief #4
Author: Megan Whalen Turner
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (2010)
ISBN: 978-006-18-7093-4
Pages: 316 pages
Original Published Date: 2010
Awards: School Library Journal Best Book of the Year (2010), LA Times Book Prize for YA Literature (2010), Booklist Top Ten Science Fiction/Fantasy Novels for Youth (2010), YALSA Awards for Best Fiction for YA (2011), Andre Norton Award Nominee for YA Science Fiction/Fantasy (2010), Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Lit (2011)

The forth book of this great series, but I missed the foxy sharp slyness of Eugenides. This book was mostly narated by Sophos' point of view when he's telling his story to the Queen of Eddis (the other parts was told in third man POV - which really a low point for me as I really don't like it when a story told back and forth between someone 1st POV and 3rd POV). That being said, I have to admit that it was a very very interesting story, as smart as the other books in the series.

In the third installment, we've learned that eventually Eugenides 'accept' the role of a King, and just by doing so, he'd already strengthen Attolia's authority in her Kingdom. So in a way, Attolia and its Rulers is in a better position now. So in this book, the story was about Sounis and how this country gonna managed the chaotic power struggling and survived Mede thread. The lead character, of course, was Sophos - the young crown prince we acquintanced in the first story.

Sophos, after a daring attacked of his family villa, was captured and in (un)fortunate event involving a brainless lady, was sold as slave. Here, with the companion of other slaves and workhands, he found unlikely contentment and freedom he never tasted before. But latter, when he saw his own father was in the edge of life threathening danger for something he'd believed, Sophos also learned about self responsibilty, that sometimes duties were as important as the priviledges. So he stood up and filled in the shoe of the Sounis, King of his country, eventhough the country itself was in the brink of a civil war.

To seek help other than selling his Kingdom to Mede, he turned to Eugenides. Along with the Magus as his trusted counsellor, he was facing the game of thrones, a dangerous gamble inside Attolia's palace as much as in the war fields, with nothing to clinged, except his faith for his friend and a love of an unordinary Queen of Eddis.


Yes, I know. I missed Eugenides like every other people who read this series. But you got to admit, Sophos had his own charmed. He was blunt and rather simplistic, and I found it refreshing from time to time after a slimy days in King's court. We already had Eugenides to plan the grand scheme, so now we need Sophos unwavering belief to play it. His last conversation with Attolis, concluded it the best.
He looked at Eugenides, who was still eyeing him in surprise. "I didn't expect to die," he said. "I knew you would send help."
It was Sounis's turn to be surprised. He said,"You told me you needed me to be Sounis. I am. I needed my king to send me help. You did. There had to be reinforcement ar Oneia, so they were there." To him it was obvious.

Sophos did not had the urged to know how hard Eugenides had to pulled and pushed (including his scheme that run down months before) so he could placed the army at Oneia, Sophos just knew. Trust. That's rare quality for a King. But then again, he obviously not stupid. He's smart, quick to read the circumstances and did what had to be done. The way he read the Baron (what his name?) plans to try to wed him to his daughter and made puppet of him, the way he knew who's betraying him in Elisa, the way he investigated Mede's design for taking over the country, and most of all, his madness act to claim the throne. Maannn... that made him trully worthy to be King.

So, now, Attolia, Sounis and Eddis united against Mede Empire. I wonder when will the fifth installment will be out....

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